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[Download] Andrew Aziz – Peak Capital Trading Bootcamp

Andrew Aziz - Peak Capital Trading Bootcamp

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Peak Capital Bootcamp

Take Part in our Intensive 13-Week, Small-Group, Personalized Mentorship Program

Module 1: Trading Station Setup

This module is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the DAS Trader Pro platform that many of our mentors and traders utilize.

Lesson 1 – Basic System Setup for Trading

Lesson 2 – Stable Internet Connection

Lesson 3 – Importing Trades into Tradervue

Lesson 4 – Welcome to DAS Setup

Lesson 5 – Single Monitor Setup

Lesson 6 – Introduction to Montage

Lesson 7 – Order Template

Lesson 8 – Creating Charts

Lesson 9 – Market View

Lesson 10 – Time and Sales

Lesson 11 – Placing Orders

Lesson 12 – Hot Buttons

Lesson 13 – Hotkeys

Lesson 14 – Equalized Risk Per Trade

Lesson 15 – Risk to Reward Hotkey

Lesson 16 – Stop to Breakeven Hotkey

Lesson 17 – Additional Useful Features

essential icon Module 2: Trade Management

This module will cover the fundamentals of trading, review trade management terminology, and dive into the debate surrounding stop loss execution.

Lesson 1 – The 7 Fundamentals of Trading

Lesson 2 – Basic Terminology

Lesson 3 – The Stop at Breakeven Debate

essential icon Module 3: Trading Strategies

In order to provide you with a starting point for Bootcamp, this module will introduce you to 6 trading strategies that our coaches utilize in their own trading.

Lesson 1 – 1-Minute ORB – Andrew

Lesson 2 – Mountain Pass Pattern

Lesson 3 – ABCD Pattern

Lesson 4 – Break of High of Day

Lesson 5 – Break of High of Day w/ Scanners

Lesson 6 – Higher Time Frames

essential icon Module 4: Trading Psychology

Mike will introduce you to the concept of certainty vs. uncertainty and how it affects your trading. Mike will also discuss the importance of holding yourself accountable while participating in Peak Capital Trading’s Bootcamp.

Lesson 1 – The Importance of Trading in Probabilities

Lesson 2 – Measuring Your Tradingg Discipline

essential icon Module 5: Introduction to a TradeBook

Every successful trader follows a plan. In this module, Mike will introduce the basic concepts of the methodology you will utilize to develop your own TradeBook over the next 13 weeks.

Lesson 1 – What is a TradeBook Edge

Lesson 2 – Observing Chart Patterns

Lesson 3 – Creating a Hypothesis

Lesson 4 – Gathering Information

Lesson 5 – Testing Your Data

Lesson 6 – Drawing a Conclusion

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