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[Download] Bitcoin Mastery: The Ultimate Program To A 6 Figure Cryptocurrency Income

Bitcoin Mastery The Ultimate Program To A 6 Figure Cryptocurrency Income

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Creating Multiple Streams Of Cryptocurrency Income Through Trading, Mining, Lending, And Your Own Crypto Brand

This program, featuring Cryptocurrency Business Owners Ryan Hildreth and Crypto Nick, will guide you to becoming highly profitable in the Cryptocurrency space. Ryan and Nick both believe that when building a 6 figure income through Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you should have multiple flows of coin. They will be guiding you to the mastery of trading, mining, lending, and building a brand around crypto.

Class Curriculum

Introduction To Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
  • The History Of Bitcoin And The Blockchain (34:23)
  • The Future Of Bitcoin, Alt Coins, And ICO’s (9:20)
  • What is a Bitcoin Hardfork? (5:57)
  • How To Buy Your FIRST BITCOIN! (5:00)
  • Alternative Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies (5:05)
  • Setting Up A Secure Bitcoin Wallet (7:58)
  • Additional Security For Your Bitcoin (3:22)
  • Quickest Way To Spend Your Bitcoin (1:19)


  • FOMO – What To Avoid (8:39)
  • Tailoring Your Strategy To Your Lifestyle (11:53)
Charting Indicators
  • Overview Of Charting Indicators (1:19)
  • Support and Resistance To Determine Trade Entries and Exits (11:14)
  • RSI: Relative Strength Index (5:55)
  • Trading Volume (3:51)
Trading Cryptocurrencies
  • Introduction To Trading Bitcoin & Alt Coins For INSANE Returns (14:52)
  • GDAX And The Bid-Ask Spread (12:26)
  • The BEST Platforms For Trading Alt-Coins (2:38)
  • How To Use Coinbase, GDAX, And Bittrex (6:49)
  • CryptoNick’s Trading Strategy and Technical Indicators (7:36)
  • Real Time Trade Setup With CryptoNick (4:13)
  • CryptoNick’s Indicators Explained (11:27)
  • Trends, Indicators, And Setting Up Your Trades (22:17)
ALTCOINS & ICO’S (10x-100x ROI)
  • Intro To ICO’s
Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Mining For Passive Income
  • Bitcoin Mining Overview (14:08)
  • Different Cloud Mining Platforms Ft. CryptoNick (4:52)
  • Understanding Bitcoin Mining Difficulty (2:28)
  • Calculating Mining Profitability (8:47)
  • Bitcoin Mining Through Hashflare (5:15)
How To Build A 6-Figure Crypto/Bitcoin Brand
  • Introduction To Building A 6-7 Figure Crypto Brand (27:40)
  • Mastering Youtube For Your Crypto Brand (14:29)
  • Create A Youtube Thumbnail For HIGH CLICK THROUGH Rate (7:25)
  • Setting Up An Instagram Business Profile (11:18)
  • How To EXPONENTIALLY GROW Your Instagram and Automate (10:52)
  • Influencer Marketing (3:57)
  • Creating A Facebook Business Profile & Private Group For Free Traffic (6:11)
  • $30,000 Per Month Crypto ClickFunnel (11:53)
  • Building A Crypto Brand With CryptoNick (75,000 Youtube Subscribers) (3:13)
  • Running Profitable FB Ads To Your Clickfunnel (22:04)


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