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[Download] The Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop

The Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop

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by Robert Miner, the 25-year trading veteran who developed the practical application of Fibonnaci price and time analysis and multiple time frame momentum strategies and much more.

“Whatever market or time frame you trade, if you have been looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step and professional, educational trading program, my Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop is exactly what you need.”

– Robert Miner

The Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop is Incredible!

I spent over eight months and almost $30,000 producing this E-Learning workshop. This is not an amateur Power-Point recording but an advanced learning experience incorporating the latest in interactive multimedia and accelerated learning techniques.

6 Video CDs – Over 30 Hours of Step-By-Step Instruction incorporating the latest Accelerated Learning Techniques

  • A true multimedia learning experience
  • Video instruction by Robert Miner
  • Bar by bar “what do you do now” live screen recordingsAudio / visual instruction for every key point
  • Audio / visual instruction for every key pointComprehensive support material. No note taking necessary.
  • Comprehensive support material. No note taking necessary.
  • Quizzes for each section to test your comprehension of the material
  • Incorporates the latest in accelerated learning technologies
  • Six Video CDs. Over 30 hours of workshop learning experience.
  • Absolutely no other trading course of any kind, for any price provides this comprehensive and practical trading education, guaranteed!
  • A far better and more comprehensive learning experience than possible from any live workshop.

Any Market, Any Time Frame

We use futures, Forex, stock and ETF examples of every time frame throughout the course. No matter what market or what time frame you trade, you will learn a comprehensive and practical trade plan that you can apply to any market and any time frame.

Why Traders Don’t Reach Their Potential

In the 20 years I’ve been teaching traders, I have learned two consistent reasons traders do not reach their potential for consistent profits.

First, they fail to get a complete trading education. Many traders spend years trying different techniques; but they never take the time to get a complete trading education about each critical component of a trade plan and how to put it to practical use to make real-time decisions, day in and day out.

In this interactive trading workshop, you will be taken step-by-step through our unique trading approach including Dynamic Fib Price Target system, simple pattern analysis, multiple time frame momentum strategies, multiple unit trade strategies and more. Then you will learn how to develop a complete trade plan including entry, initial stop-loss, profit targets, multiple unit trading and more. You will learn how to make objective trade decisions day in and day out.

The second reason traders don’t reach their potential for successful trading is the lack of a trading plan. By the end of this course, you will experience a specific, objective trade plan and understand how to apply it bar-by-bar for any active market.

Reach your trading potential with the Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop.

The Complete DT Multimedia E-Learning Workshop


Introduction to the Dynamic Trading Approach

  • What you will learn in this workshop.Trading as a business.
  • Trading as a business.
  • Trading verses forecasting.
  • Navigating the workshop material.Getting started.
  • Getting started.


Pattern and Practical Elliott Wave Trade Strategies

  • Practical Pattern and Elliott Wave Basics
  • Trends and Counter Trends
  • Simple Trend and Counter Trend Pattern Counts
  • Pattern Reversal Signals
  • E-Wave and Multiple Time Frames


Dynamic Price Analysis

  • Retracements and Alternate Price Projections
  • Support/Resistance Targets
  • Pattern Termination Price Targets
  • Multiple Time Frame Support/Resistance
  • Multiple Time Frame End-of-Wave Targets


Practical Indicator Strategies

  • Real World Indicator characteristics
  • Bullish and bearish reversals
  • How indicators identify reversals at S/R and EOW price targets
  • Indicators and trade entry strategies
  • Multiple time frame indicator strategies


Practical Trade Strategies

  • Swing trade strategies
  • Initial profit objectives and Risk/Reward
  • Stop Loss Adjustment
  • Multiple Unit Trade Strategies


Trading The Plan

  • Developing a trading planTrading the plan
  • Trading the plan
  • Complete trade examples of all types of markets and all time frames.

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