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[Download] Simpler Trading – Phoenix Finder Targets Hot Stock Picks

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No matter what markets you’re in now.

Even if you have little trading experience.

Even if you don’t know what stocks or markets to consider.

This is the course that delivers the tools, tactics, and strategies to grow your trading account.

How does $1,000 profit in an hour sound?

That’s the power of the Phoenix Finder Tool and Strategy created by Danielle Shay, Director of Options and  head of Simpler Foundation at Simpler Trading.

This trading system is designed to energize your trading plan whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned pro. It’s simple. It’s widely used by professionals and novices alike.

And it has yielded 50%, 100%, even 200% gains.

How strong is the latest “hot” stock?

Which stocks are most advantageous to get into in any market … even a very volatile one?

How do I pick a profitable stock in a crazy market?

As the volatile markets throw ticker trackers into chaos, the Phoenix Finder rises above the mayhem to provide answers to critical stock selection and deliver strong picks for consistent gains.

What is the Phoenix Finder?

In any market it’s essential to know the true strength (or weakness) of a stock relative to others in its industry group. Before, ranking the strength of a security (stock, ETF, etc.) was difficult to visualize using individual charts. Until now…

With the Phoenix Finder Tool and Strategy, it becomes clear at a glance which stocks are ripe for a rally and which are ready to drop like a rock. Targeting 50 to 200 percent short-term gains becomes possible when you can identify when money flows in (or out) to key securities in carefully chosen industries.


The Phoenix Finder Tool and Strategy reveals the hidden power in any ticker you choose by using a formula of comparison between key trading markets. You can act and trade in emerging industries, ETFs, or stocks. With this big picture view, you can objectively measure the strength of each symbol to help you pick the best in each class, and put your money on the hottest pick.

Discover An Incredible Tool And Strategy To Reveal Profitable Stocks:

How to identify “hidden strength” Phoenix stocks that are ready to rally. These stocks offer buyers explosive profit potential. These are the stocks that destroy short sellers.

How to expose “weak link” stocks poised to drop like rocks. Don’t buy! These stocks are the “dying Phoenix” in their group. They offer amazing potential for short sellers.

How to quickly identify which stocks to target (and which to avoid). It is critical to choose options setups AFTER knowing whether money is flowing in or out of a symbol.

How to know which options setup to use for maximum profit potential with limited risk. This allows you to trade with confidence and objectivity instead of guessing.

How part-time traders with smaller accounts can reliably grow their balance by swimming with the “big money flow” (and NOT against).

There’s Even More To The Phoenix Finder Tool And
Strategy… Build Your Own Winning Trading Plan
With These Powerful Tactics:


“The Small Account and Net Liquidating Value” – Focus on the priority job required of traders to build a profitable small account. Boosting your equity curve is your trading purpose. Do you know your net liquidating value for your account? To avoid sucker punches from the market you need to have this number in sight with every trade.


“Reversion to the Mean and Market Movement” – Don’t get too fancy – pricing always reverts back to the mean. How do you know when this will happen? Learn to follow the market cycles daily and throughout the month. Don’t blow up your account by letting “winners run.”


“Small Lots, Average True Range, and DMI Indicator” – Eliminate decision-making noise and discover how “average” helps you build your small account with fewer, high-quality trades. This section of training can open up a whole new vision for how trend direction indicators guide you to take gains and repeat the process.


“Scanner Parameters, VWAP, and Volume Profile” – The technical side of trading can alert you to options to limit risk. Indicators help grow your small account with distinct points to buy or sell. Match this with insight into volume to plan trades “where the action is” from market-moving institutional traders.

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