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The Psych FX Academy

I’m going to give you the exact system I used to overcome my psychological AND strategic obstacles… at the same time.

The same system I can credit with all of my progress…

And the same system I’ve personally watched other new traders use over and over to improve their skills and gain competence in the markets.


If you’ve ever wanted to take trading seriously and see what REALLY goes into progressing in this business, this message is for you, and only you.

It’s embarrassing how much money I’ve lost to things like: overtrading, not using a stop loss, not following my own trading plan, not holding trades, FOMO…

…Every problem you can name, I’ve had it.


In late 2017, I spent 8 months learning over 200 strategies, absorbing everything technical about the markets. I’d spent thousands on courses and put my savings into live trading accounts.


By 2018, I’d lost every penny I’d invested and I was consistently losing money, except now I was frustrated, angry and emotionally volatile in the markets.

I’d committed to trading, I’d spent unholy amounts of hours studying and practicing and I had nothing to show for it. In fact, I was getting worse!


Countless mentors, countless strategies, countless notepads filled with notes and NOTHING to show for all my work.


And you know what?

I believed once I “got my act together” and stopped making foolish mistakes that my results would turn around… and I’d be raking in the money like the “professionals” on Instagram.


But then I learned the real lesson…


“Technical Analysis was only half the battle”


I had to spend the next year floundering, still wondering what I was doing wrong.

What’s even worse is I had thousands of hours of trading under my belt…


… and I still wasn’t making progress.


After taking these courses and failing, I began to think something was wrong with me.

But then I realised the true problem.


I don’t know why it took me years to finally realise what separates good traders from bad ones…


I don’t know why it took thousands of dollars to force me to create systems that would take the decision making and worry out my head…

I don’t know why it took me thousands of dollars to realise the problem wasn’t just the strategy, heck it wasn’t just me either – It was the systems and processes I had in place


…I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before… but I made two small tweaks to what I was doing and I started winning trades and consistently increasing my equity curve – FINALLY.


This problem is called “90% syndrome.” You may have 90% of what you need to know. But the last 10% is what makes the difference, and that’s where the demons are.

This is where most traders fail.


You think in hindsight, “Oh I can see I’m overtrading, tomorrow I’m going to do this and this”

But in the heat of the moment, you begin revenge trading after one loss or overtrading to compensate for your mental blocks.


So now in 2021 I’ve put everything I wish I was taught, and all the things no one else teaches into the “Psych FX Academy .”

Here’s how this works:

First, I show you the last 10% you need to know.

This includes:

  • A Deep Institutional Strategy that can be used on ANY timeframe
  • Full ‘Enhanced Wycoff’ Methodology simplified and more effective than the original.
  • How To Spot Manipulation BEFORE it Happens Which allows you to prepare to be on the right side of the market
  • The Exact Method I use to trade AGAINST retail traders and trade with larger flows of money – giving you confidence to know you’re trading with the big boys.
  • The best technique to stop making the same mistakes even when you feel like you can’t stop yourself. (The best part is it only takes three tries to master.)
  • An entire section on identifying and neutralizing trading mistakes like FOMO, overtrading, not holding trades, etc
  • Simple things you can do to overcome psychological difficulties with trading which are holding you back from reaching your potential.
  • One thing that sucks about most educators is they give you a strategy and leave you with it, not here. Each strategy comes with backtesting sessions to help you see me analyse and trade live. (and I’ll be adding backtesting videos each month so you can grow with me.)
  • You may have some questions when learning the content in this course, that’s natural. Luckily for you I’m hosting Q&As once every month as a minimum to answer your questions and help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing.
  • We have a growing community of members who trade one style, myself included. The community is where the real growth will happen and an area of support for times where you need it.
  • I’m going to top this all off by giving you journaling templates, self review templates, ATA (Advanced trade analysis) templates, the lot.
  • Full access to my customisable trading plan to fit your needs and personality types (I’ll also explain the best ways to do this)

And here’s the curriculum:

[START HERE] Introduction

video icon Welcome! Here’s How To Use The Content In This Course (5:45)

text icon Group Chat Access

Section 1: Laying Mental Foundations

video icon Why 99% Of Traders Really Fail & Understanding Probabilities (13:37)

video icon My Trading Journey (9:22)
video icon The Trading Athlete (7:22)
video icon Win Rate Vs Risk Reward – The Reality (6:44)
video icon Risk Management (7:30)
video icon Less Chart Time = Faster Learning (4:25)
Section 2: Institutional Supply & Demand

video icon What Is Supply & Demand & How To Draw Zones (9:06)

video icon The 4 Scenarios and The 2 To Focus On (4:11)
video icon Identifying Displacement (6:16)
video icon Determining Zone Strength & Probability (4:46)
video icon How Long Are Zones Valid (Exact Timescales) (4:14)
video icon Done For You Supply & Demand Tool (2:46)
video icon More Examples Of Zones (11:44)
video icon Homework (3:12)
video icon [NEW MUST WATCH] Troubleshooting & Getting More Specific (24:02)

Section 3: Enhanced Wycoff (Simplified & Mapped)

video icon Wycoff Is Overcomplicated, Let’s Take The Parts That Work (2:07)

video icon Old Vs New – The Enhanced Formula (10:44)
video icon Phase Identification (7:04)
video icon More Examples (10:15)
video icon Fractal Phases (4:16)
video icon Clean Only. (2:11)
video icon [NEW] Wycoff = Momentum Shift: Simplified Further & Alternative Way To Mark Up (18:01)
video icon Homework (1:27)
Section 4: Combining Supply & Demand And Enhanced Wycoff

video icon Combining Phases With SD (5:46)

video icon Market Behaviour – Which Zone Will Respond? (7:51)
video icon Picking Timeframes (2:23)
video icon My Analysis Process Step by Step (10:40)
video icon Directional Bias #1 – Price Range Matrix (33:49)
video icon [NEW] Advanced Directional Bias #2 – THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO (40:01)
video icon Entries, Stop Loss & Target Placement (9:58)
video icon Building A Trading Plan (3:09)
video icon Time of day, Mastering Zones, More Tools You Can Use & Simplifying Entries (23:41)
video icon Scalping/Short Term Workflow (14:11)
video icon Live Analysis #1 (3:27)
video icon Setup Breakdown #1 (3:12)
video icon Homework (1:48)

Section 5: Success Processes

video icon Introduction To Success Habits – Strategy Won’t Save You (10:04)

video icon How To Backtest Properly & Why Most FAIL At This Step (12:20)
video icon How To Journal Properly + Template (7:01)
video icon Self Review – The Secret Weapon + Templates (21:45)
video icon Advanced Trade Analysis + Template (8:59)
video icon The Iron Man CHALLENGE (19:32)
Section 6: Mindset Mastery

video icon How To Stop Making Psychological Mistakes (21:32)

video icon Emotional Mastery (18:15)
video icon Recommended Reading (7:29)
Section 7: Limit Order Strategy

video icon Full Strategy Breakdown (25:10)

Section 8: Trade Breakdowns & Putting Everything together

video icon Trade Breakdown & Simplicity Examples (13:04)

video icon Measuring The Leg – Market Bias (8:29)
video icon Filtering Bad Setups & Identifying Good Ones (11:11)
video icon Trade Breakdowns #2 – Ideal Setup Formation (8:08)
video icon EXTRA: Volume Profile (24:46)
video icon Step By Step Analysis – Put it all together (15:56)
video icon Creating A Daily Watchlist & How To Use It (2:39)

[NEW] Section 9: Beginner Friendly, Easier Strategy To Follow

video icon Main Simplified Strategy Overview (16:22)

video icon [NEW] More Examples & Going Over The Process (24:08)

video icon Q&A #1 – 07.02.21 (32:02)

video icon Q&A #2 – 16/02/21 (14:25)
Weekly Analysis

video icon Analysis For Week Starting 08.03.21 (26:45)

video icon Week Starting 14.03.21 (25:10)
video icon Analysis 21.03.21 (14:33)
video icon Week Starting 29.03.21 (15:20)
video icon Week Starting 05.04.21 (10:11)
video icon Week Starting 19.04.21 (16:27)

All in all, we prepare for a few hours or much less each day, less is often more.

We practice, systemise, track and optimise. and MANAGE RISK.

This gives you the wisdom (and the best odds) to make real progress without all of the rollercoaster of emotions.

Unlike every other forex course out there we’ve dug deep into what makes a successful trader, & how to give yourself confidence in both your new winning strategy and yourself.


However, this course is NOT for people that want to:


• Flip Accounts and “Make £30,000 in 10 seconds” etc…

• Get Rich Quick

• Learn a ‘Magic Strategy’

• Expect results without putting in the work


Trading is a serious art, and should be taken seriously. I’ve seen many people regress in life because of bad trading habits. I’m talking about people moving back into their parents house, selling their cars, and giving away countless hours to a process they will never benefit from. (Usually just trading a random strategy they’ve learned without any of the proper tracking, data processing or anything close to it)

And that’s why I want you in this program, so you don’t end up in the same cycle I was stuck in. I’m saving you the time I’ll never have again.

And when you sign up today, you are getting:

The Full Psych FX Academy course but I really wanted to make sure you were taken care of. And that’s why I’ve also decided to give you a 1 hour personal coaching call from me or a member of my team after you’ve completed the course in full.

That way I can personally steer you in the right direction and make sure you are going to succeed with this program.

I’m also going to give you full access to the Premium Member Community.

This community is full of traders just like you, who want to be surrounded by top-notch elite traders.

On top of all that, I’m going to hand you Analysis & Trading Ideas each month.

And because I want anyone to be able to afford this program, I’m going to make you a deal.

Instead of charging you a normal £997 for the course, I’m going to cut it in half for you, right now.

That means you can have this entire course PLUS all three bonuses for only, £497

And, I have included a 2-month and 3-month payment plan.

All you have to do is click here and you will be taken to a secure SSL encrypted checkout page. Simply enter in your regular details and pick which payment option you would like:

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We accept: Most credit/debit cards such as Visa, Discover, American Express. We also accept Google Pay at this time.

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