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[Download] Humberto Malaspina – Day Trading & Swing Trading Futures with Price Action

Humberto Malaspina - Day Trading & Swing Trading Futures with Price Action

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This course is set for students that want to reach a new level of mastery. Includes Questions and Answers online meeting of 2 hours with Humberto Malaspina “AFTER” you finish the entire course.

Course curriculum

Preparing for risk assessment.

    • Risk Disclosure Statement.

    • Introduction.

    • What do I expect to give you?

    • Real Time Trade “Surprises From The Wave”.

    • Discover a key component of a successful trading method.

    • The Right Balance

    • Concepts to understand risk properly.

    • Day Trading, Swing Trading and the subject of risk.

    • Main concepts to master trend detection for reducing risk.

    • The Trend is a Fractal Phenomenon.

    • Theory for evaluating your trading method to reduce risk.

    • Quick afirmations about trend detection.

    • Evaluation of Chapter 1.

    • Words from Humberto.

    • Summary.

      All in one: Risk and money management plan and trade log.

    • Introduction: A good risk and money management plan, a trader´s lifesaver.

    • My all in one risk and money management plan plus trade log included (BONUS)!

    • Describing step by step my risk and money management plan.

    • Calculating position size based on present risk and capital.

    • Outcome estimation using the trade calculator.

    • Use a trading log with revealing statistics.

    • Annual statistics, drawdowns and capital growth chart.

    • Evaluation of Chapter 2.

    • Words from Humberto.

    • Summary.

      Market trend analysis: A specialized skill for price discovery.

    • Introduction.

    • A note about charts.

    • Setting up clean charts for trading.

    • How do you determine the trend before it happens?

    • Price resolution and the trend fractal.

    • Detect the most recent trend to make high probability trades for reducing risk.

    • Detect the long term trend for swing trading.

    • Learn how to find trading ideas, sweet spot for entries.

    • Swing Trading. How to find a sweet spot for entry.

    • Every trend ends, how to find the sweet spot for exits.

    • Swing Trading, how to find a sweet spot for exits.

    • Swing Trading and Price Action: Turning Points

    • Understanding price extremes.

    • Candlesticks patterns and price action explained.

    • My day trading method FLAHCARD, DO NOT MISS IT.

    • My day trading method and price action, explained step by step.

    • Evaluation of Chapter 3.

    • Words from Humberto.

    • Summary.

      Put It all together, integration for success.

    • Introduction: The swing trading methodology, It can be used for any time frame.

    • The Method and Volatility

    • STEP 1: Preparing for the trading day.

    • STEP 2: Entry. How to place your trade.

    • STEP 3: Risk management on your trade.

    • STEP 4: Detecting valid support and resistance levels.

    • STEP 5: Scaling out your position.

    • STEP 6: The circle of victory

    • Real Time Trade “Tight Risk Control”

    • Evaluation of Chapter 4.

    • Words from Humberto.

    • Summary and last words of advice.

      Bonus Lectures. Real time Trades.

    • Introduction

    • The top-down analysis and pullbacks.

    • Apply a flexible strategy as anything can happen.

    • Learn to avoid a not attractive risk-reward ratio.

    • Managing risk dynamically.

    • Take your chances, you never know how far the tide will take you.

    • Capitalize on variations.

    • Shorting inside an uptrend.

    • Price Collapses.

    • In the middle of the range.

    • The king of the universe

    • Risk on a lish

      Online meeting Q&A section with Humberto Malaspina “AFTER” you finish the entire course.

  • Get in contact with Humberto Malaspina to set up the 2 hours online meeting.

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