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[Download] Day One Traders – Scalping Master Course

Day One Traders - Scalping Master Course

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✔️  Quickly and easily identify Scalping setups


✔️  Catch profits in ANY market environment


✔️  Precise entry and exit rules

✔️  Understand trend strength and direction

✔️  Avoid beginner traps set by the market

✔️  Find high probability day trading setups

Greg T.

“Great course. Mastering Candlesticks may be one of the most beneficial lessons for new traders. Great lesson, well done. Overall the entire course is well thought out and presented well.”

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Account Growth Guidelines


Learn how to scale your small account to a big account to create a full time income.


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Course Exclusive Trading Group


Collaborate with our community of like-minded and motivated traders over Discord.

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Precise Trade Entry Checklist


Receive a step by step list of rules to identify the perfect trade

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In-Depth Chart Breakdown


Uncover the hidden signals each candlestick tells us to solidify our chart analysis

How much money do I need to start trading this strategy?

Day trading focused brokerages will typically require a $500 intraday margin per contract.  That means that you can start trading this strategy comfortably with a $1,500 account.

Can I trade with a full time job?

Yes!  Michael currently trades the morning session from 5:30am to 8:30am before heading off to his 9-5 job.

What charting platform works best with this strategy?

Our favorite charting platform is Ninjatrader 8. We love its low margin requirement of $500 and lightning fast data speeds.

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