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[Download] Dan Zanger – CM Price Action Course

Dan Zanger – CM Price Action Course

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You will Learn:

  • The exact pullback and entry methods (CM) Randy Opper uses to trade the market Live in the Chat Room!
  • Everything from basic charting skills to advanced trading methods.
  • How to read price action and the clues charts provide to improve trade selection.
  • How to understand and react to market conditions and leading indexes.
  • How to develop a trade strategy that can create consistency.
  • How to handle changing markets and form trades with a powerful edge of low risk high reward signals .

Created & Presented by

(CM)  Randy Opper ~ Live Moderator of the Chartpattern  Chatroom and  protégé of Dan Zanger

About The Course:

Learn the exact methods used by (CM) live in the Chartpattern chat room!

  • See exactly where to enter, exit, and place stops!
  • STOP chasing! Use low risk buy areas to enter.
  • Watch at your own pace. (recorded)
  • Learn to read raw price action without lagging indicators!

 Reviews from class members:

I cannot thank you guys enough for teaching me how to fish for myself over the past few years, not only with Dan’s seminar/approach to the market but with Randy’s class on price action as well.  It truly is appreciated and your passion and dedication to this difficult game is second to none.  As a result of your teachings, I’m up 103% year-to-date through July primarily trading just stock, so all the perseverance and long hours of homework is paying off. Here’s to many more successful years to come, no matter the market environment. Thanks again,


If you put in the time and effort into developing a plan that fits your personal style using what Randy has taught with plenty of studying, light bulbs will go off and you will get there. I have seen all the traders in Cm’s room and how they have developed into amazing traders. Is  it easy, hell no! You will be challenged for sure. You will have to not only give yourself a good technical foundation but also find a way to work with your psychological issues. This is a continual process. Markets will change and traders have to adapt with it. And psychological issues are a constant battle. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy and the potential here is huge. I cannot thank you Randy enough. Best of luck to everyone in the room!


Randy – thank you so much for all your teachings.  It has opened my eyes to a whole piece of the market I never knew existed.  Using your system has allowed me to be very successful in trading, knowing I don’t have to always be right and I won’t ever be.  You have been a huge impact on me financially and otherwise, showing your concern that others also be successful.  The class and continued teaching is a huge time commitment to you and I and others I am sure thank you for it.  I cannot thank you enough.

Ryan L

I am a good example of a newbie.  Making money just about every day .  NOT in the amount I would wish, BUT thanks to your class, I have made nearly 100 000 since beginning of the year. the difference with last year,  is that I went from blind to having “good” reasons to trade.  Time and again.  And yes, it is a number’s game. And your explanations have helped me tremendously to be more confident. Ironically, when you show your own mistakes or talk of them, that is when you made me feel better and better about my own mistakes .


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