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Business Planning For Traders and Investors

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Trading is too often treated as a hobby; the result of which can often turn out to be costly and frustrating.

To increase your chances of success as a trader, you need to treat your trading like a business. This applies to full time professionals as well as the long term investor who does not trade with frequency.

In this comprehensive Audio series, you’ll learn all you need to know about setting up a viable business plan for your trading. Van Tharp interviews a variety of special guests and provides you with weekly exercises designed to assist you in preparing your plan as the series progresses.

Part 1: How to Start a Trading Plan

Learn the essential elements required to start a trading plan and what it takes to be a committed trader. Learn how to use “outcomes” to organize your plan in a way that will really motivate you. And, learn what questions to ask yourself to ensure that your trading system really fits you and your objectives.

Part 2: Understand Today’s Markets

Learn what’s going on in today’s markets. Learn about the major trends, how to stay on top of them and how to assess each of them in about 30 seconds each. And learn about some simple methods that will enable you to capitalize on today’s market

Part 3: Build Discipline into Your Plan

Create a vision and purpose for your trading, plus set yearly, quarterly, monthly goals, and weekly goals. Learn a top-down approach to discipline that includes daily use of the Top Tasks of Trading, regular journaling, and a healthy lifestyle to get you closer to meeting your objectives.

Part 4: Create Your Strategy

Learn the key factors that are essential for any system: stops, R-multiples, expectancy and position sizing™ strategies. Learn how to use your vision and objectives to develop a strategy. You will also get a better understanding of the key factors that are part of any strategy and learn some strategies that are working well today.

Part 5: How to Make Your Plan Work

You need more than just trading systems to create a plan that works for you. Learn about several important systems required for any trading business plan. Learn how to run your trading like a business via a 10-step outline. Discover your personal Financial Freedom Number and how it factors in to the cost of trading.

Part 6: Give Yourself an Edge

Learn some of the key factors that will give you an edge in your trading business plan: personal psychology, commitment, expectancy, position sizing strategies, discipline and worst-case contingency planning. Make sure that you are protected and be sure that your business planning stands out from the crowd.

Part 7: How Systems Work and Perform Under Various Conditions

Learn about back testing, program and system analysis and how it can take your trading to the next level. You’ll learn how to get reports that will give you a real edge in trading. The “Know Your System” Analysis covers worst-case drawdowns, losing streaks, expectancy and optimal bet size as well as certain issues that arise with this software including small stops, various market conditions and correlated positions.

Part 8: Get a Review and Critique of Your Plan

Dr. Tharp reviews the good points and weaknesses of three trading business plans. Compare your work with other plans submitted to Dr. Tharp following the teleconference series to learn how you can improve on what you are doing.

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