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[Download] CryptoJack – Bitcoin Blueprint (Update)

[Download] CryptoJack - Bitcoin Blueprint (Update)

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What You’ll Learn:

– The fundamentals of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. It’s important to have a key understanding of this, as it’s the foundations of the knowledge and strategies to come.

– How to set up all the relevant accounts and verify them.You need to know how to secure your crypto and your accounts to protect yourself.

– The exact method to profit from current ICO’s.There are hundreds of ICO’s out there, but finding the diamond in the rough can be difficult. I’ll lay it out plain and simple for you to understand.

-Trading Trading Trading. You’ll learn how to go from a complete beginner to a $100+ per day trader in no time at all. Although it’s not guaranteed it has been done time after time and is possible! (New trading videos uploaded every week!)

-Learn how to ‘pro’ Youtuber’s make $2000+ Per Video. Yes you read that correctly, I’ll show you how in 3 months you can be making upwards of $2000 per sponsored video!

-Multiple Your Portfolio With Cloud Mining. Take advantage of seasonal offers, choose the best mining pools and grow your portfolio by 20% each month all explained.



  1. FREE Lifetime Access To Cryptojack’s Trade Calls
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  4. Private Live Streams
  5. Lifetime access to Trade Calls
  6. Top 20 Coins To HODL 2018 Guide

The Trade calls on their own are worth $49 per month, so within a few months the trade calls have paid for the low price of this course & you get all the video lessons and extras as well!

OR If you’re not interested in the course right now, click the link below to be given 10 free cryptocurrency videos as a small taste of what great things are to come!

Class Curriculum


  • Welcome By CryptoJack (2:03)

  • The Free Extra’s HERE

An Intro To Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
  • How It All ed (15:26)

  • The Future Of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency (9:35)

  • Lightening Network Explained (6:53)

  • Lightening Network Assignment

  • Blockchain 101 (9:32)

  • Blockchain Assignment

  • How To Buy Your First Bitcoin (14:47)

  • Software, Hardware & Paper Wallets Explained. (6:10)

  • Cryptojack’s Recommended Exchanges (4:30)

  • How To Fully Secure & Protect Your Crypto (10:31)

  • Crypto Scams Assignment

  • Best Way To Spend / Sell Bitcoin (Minimum Fee’s) (7:38)

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  • What Are ICO’s? (8:59)

  • ICO Research To Ensure Your Money Is Safe (7:22)

  • ICO Assignment

  • Analysing The Team (7:20)

  • How & When To Promote ICO’s For Maximum Potential (4:14)

  • Reading The Market On When To Best Sell Your ICO Coins For Max Profit (4:50)

  • Spotting ICO Scams (6:22)

  • ICO Scam Assignment

Mining Your Way Into Passive Income
  • Cloud Mining Full Explained (7:34)

  • How To Chose A Company That’s Right For You (6:33)

  • How To Avoid Cloud Mining Scams (7:48)

  • Bitcoin & Crypto Mining Difficulty Explained (6:01)

  • Complete Mining Profitability Calculator Explained (10:10)

Trading Your Way To A Full Time Income
  • Introduction To Trading Bitcoin & Altcoins For Amazing Profits (16:15)

  • How To Make Your First Trade & Profit (8:51)

  • How To Properly Use GDAX (12:55)

  • CryptoJack’s Trading Strategies & Technical Indicators (10:54)

  • Setting Up Future Trades For Great Returns (7:01)

  • How To Find Coins To Trade / Market Analysis (5:24)

  • Compete Trading View Tutorial (11:34)

  • Profit From Support & Resistance (8:37)

  • RSI Explained In Detail & How To Profit (10:22)

How To Create A Successful Youtube Channel & Brand
  • Youtube Overview & Where To (6:59)

  • What To Post For Maximum Views / Subscribers (4:35)

  • Creating Killer Youtube Thumbnails For Insane Views (6:10)

  • Earn 9-5 Job Income From Only Youtube Ad Revenue In 3 Months (4:19)

  • How To Effectively Monetise Your Youtube Channel (5:18)

  • Youtube SEO & Ranking Your Videos To #1 Spot (5:24)

  • Spy On Competitors & Improve Your Channel (4:05)

  • Complete Binance Tutorial (10:35)

  • Binance Stop-Limit, Limit Order & Market Order Explained (10:38)

  • Securing Your Account (4:59)

  • Security Assignment

  • Making Your First Trade (12:43)

  • First Trade Assignment

  • Making Your First Swing Trade (10:21)

  • Swing Trade Assignment

  • 3Commas Full Tutorial (11:34)

  • FAQ & Refunds

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve been into Cryptocurrency for a while now, do I need this course?
Short answer: No you don’t need this course. BUT if you want to grow your knowledge and learn new and unique ways of creating passive income for yourself then you will definitely find value from the content. Plus all these videos are never before seen, so they’re great to watch!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
I’m a total beginner and know nothing?
This course is perfect for you then. It runs you through the basic stuff right up to the advanced information. You can follow along at your own pace learning and profiting along the way.
Any Bonus’s For Joining The Course?
OF COURSE! (pun intended) You’ll get access to Cryptojack’s private e-mail address for course members only, exclusive live streams and new content every month added to here as well as the private Facebook group.
I don’t have the time to watch a course!!
I’m sure you make time to watch cat videos on youtube.. Well with watching these videos you’ll be expanding your knowledge which can help you earn a passive income, the time is worth it. Plus you have a lifetime access so there is no rush!

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