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[Download] Tradimo – Support & Resistance Trading

Tradimo - Support & Resistance Trading

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Learn a starter strategy that can be used in any time frame and instrument

This strategy shows you how to apply support and resistance to the financial markets, step-by-step, in a real live market environment. Presented by a former prop-trader and tradimo coach, this strategy is a stepping stone into more advanced and discretionary methods of trading.

Support and resistance is one of the most common ways to find entries and exits in the markets – it is usually one of the first discretionary strategies traders learn and also one of the most difficult to master due to the fact that is not easy to find a set of rules to trade by.

This strategy will give you a set of rules that you can apply for you to get used to trading with support and resistance – it is great for beginners looking for some guidance when venturing into discretionary trading.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the first steps towards discretionary trading
  • how to use one of the most powerful methods of trading
  • how to find high paying trades on higher time frames
  • breakout and counter-trend techniques
  • how to fine tune entries in different markets

Course Curriculum

MODULE01Support and resistance: theory and application
  • Trading support and resistance

    5 minutes
  • quiz: Undrestanding the support and resistance trading strategy

    5 minutes
  • Finding entries at support or resistance

    8 minutes
  • quiz: Understanding of finding entries at support or resistance

    6 minutes
  • Finding entries using a breakout

    7 minutes
  • quiz: Understanding of finding entries using a breakout

    5 minutes
  • Support and resistance live trading webinar

    an hour

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