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[Download] TradAcc – The Volume Profile Formula + Rapid Setups Pack + Futures Masterclass

TradAcc – The Volume Profile Formula + Rapid Setups Pack + Futures Masterclass

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Learn How To Place High-Quality Trades In The Next 14 Days By Copying My Most Profitable Setups

  1. SETUP – Back To Value Trade Idea: inside of volume profiling, there’s this idea of value, and it’s something that’s displayed. And from time to time, we have markets that get outside of value, and they get outside of balance. Now if you know what to look for, you can start to put it together and understand that this is likely to keep continuing away from balance and away from value. Or in certain conditions, this is likely to return back to value. And using the Volume Profile, we can start to understand exactly where prices are likely to go in that situation, and where we should be targeting. And it sets up a very good trade idea that is unique to the Volume Profile.
  2. SETUP – Trading The Chop: here we’re going to talk about when the market is not really going anywhere. Typically when the market gets very noisy and it’s just chopping around, this is death to most traders. And most people just do death by a thousand paper cuts, and they end up overtrading and just getting very frustrated. When you’re using the Volume Profile, we can put together when this is happening. But also, what are the areas that we need to completely avoid? And what are the areas we need to be trading on that we can do outside, back-in type of trades? I’ll explain all in detail about this setup.
  3. SETUP – Double Distribution Trade Idea: the Double Distribution is a unique profile shape. And the only way you can see this is with a Volume Profile. It’s not gonna surface every day, but when it does surface, it creates an amazing opportunity for what’s called the Developing Point of Control. I’ll explain all of this in the session. It’s a unique setup that you can’t see outside of the Volume Profile. But with it, you have a very clear idea that this is happening, and a very clear target of what is likely to happen next. I’ll be excited to share that with you. 
  4. SETUP – Naked POC:  Every day, if you’re looking at individual day profiles, there’s going to be a Point Of Control. Under certain conditions, returning to a previous Point Of Control, or a Naked Point of Control, is a very likely situation. And when we understand this and we know what to look for, we can put ourselves in a very high quality trade that has a massive edge, where we take price back to the previous Point Of Control. I’ll explain exactly what to look for and how that’s traded. 
  5. SETUP – Intraday Trend Following Trending days can be very challenging where you could spend the entire day just kinda fighting the trend. And then get to the end of the session, being very tired, having wasted a lot of money and being very frustrated. The Volume Profile, allows us to start putting together very quickly, when a trend is forming, if we know what to look for. This can help us be in a position where we’re not going to fight the trend, but also be in a position to take advantage of it. Just being in a position to identify these trends early and not fight them is a massive source of edge. 



Take Advantage Of All The Benefits That The Futures Market Has To Offer And That Most Traders Actually Ignore.

  1. Benefits of trading futures: It’s important to understand this, because it’s not just my opinion. There are some concrete reasons why futures are superior products to trade, especially if we’re talking about the Volume Profile. I’ll explain that, so that you can know for yourself.
  2. Basics of futures: A lot of people avoid the futures market because they think it’s complicated, and it’s really not, once you understand certain pieces. So I’m just going to explain it and lay it out for you so that you can know.
  3. Contracts explained: When you’re trading futures, you’re not trading shares of a company or foreign currencies, you’re trading contracts. Another concept that is extremely simple once you understand it. But if you don’t, it’s kinda unique, and it can come off as kind of abrasive or hard to understand. But I’ll explain all of that so there won’t be any issue.
  4. Margin requirements: Futures are verily highly leveraged products, which is an amazing benefit if you understand it. I’ll explain that to you and what that looks like.
  5. Products to trade: Inside of the futures market there are a ridiculous amount of products. And you can spend a lot of time wondering should I be trading soy? Should I be trading corn? Should I be trading any number of things? What I’m gonna do is break down to you the products that I trade, and what are the products that you should be starting on, because these are just high quality products that are gonna give you amazing trading opportunities.
  6. Micro-contracts: This has changed the game forever when it comes to futures. Futures are very large and they’re quite expensive. Because we have micro-contracts now, it’s accessible to everybody. And I’m very excited that this has happened. And I’m very excited to explain this to you.
  7. Brokers: What are the best futures with brokers? What should you look for with a broker? And how to get set up and how to get started with that? We’ll cover all of that in this session.

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