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The Secret Mindset – The Secret Mindset Academy

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Learn to trade with confidence, manage risk, identify high-potential trades and increase consistency of returns with this extensive course focusing on simple techniques that divide the amateurs from the professionals.

The Secret Mindset Academy is an extensive program focusing on complex techniques that divide the amateurs from the professionals, teaching you real strategies to increase consistency of returns and put the odds in your favor.

  • Speak the language of the market and trade like a professional, with key levels and no lagging indicators
  • Learn several proven and to the point trading strategies to trade any market
  • Have the confidence and knowledge to trade on a daily basis
  • Make educated projections to set optimal price targets for your trades
  • Discover how to minimize your risk with every trade
  • Acquire the skills you need to trade any instrument in any market


Learn to recognize leading signals in order to generate consistent profits over the longer term.


Focus on key levels in a market and remove the clutter and confusion that so many trading strategies are full of.


Find hidden levels on the chart, used by banks and large financial institutions.


Learn how to identify where banks are dealing and discover institutional trading strategies.


Discover a consistent way to make profit in bull and bear markets.


Learn to respond to price movements and how to recognize levels that are good entry points.


  • You are in the beginning stages of TRADING (or maybe you’re still just in the idea phase) and you’re interested in learning how to trade and become consistently profitable
  • You’re looking to save a lot of time and money, by avoiding the frustrating trial-and-error process of trading without a solid plan
  • You KNOW that it’s possible to make money trading the financial markets, but you just need someone to teach you the exact tools and techniques so you don’t get overwhelmed and so you can finally START
  • You’ve been switching trading strategies back and forth and you have no idea which one is best for you
  • You really want to stop taking big losses from trading, and want to trade the right way, with the odds in your favor
  • You are serious about trading, have realistic expectations and aim for a consistent growth of your capital


Module 1 – Foundation

Module 2 – Finding Key Levels

Module 3 – Entry Techniques

Module 4 – Confluence Scanning

Module 5 – PRO Price Action

Module 6 – CMR Trading Strategy

Module 7 – LRMP Trading Strategy

Module 8 – Volume Profile Strategies

Module 9 – Risk Management

Module 10 – Trading Mindset

Module 11 – TradingView Indicators


I’ve used the CMR strategy on a demo account and I’m very impressed by it. So simple and so powerful. This course opened my mind into a whole new trading world. There’s absolutely no way I would have had any idea what to do without this program.

Alan N. – Lawyer

Simple and effective. I enjoyed the content and the teaching style. 2 words will remain in my head forever: confluence and confirmation.  Got rid of all my indicators, added the leading tools presented and now I have a new perspective on trading. I 100% recommend this course.

Andreea B. – Manager

One of the best trading courses I’ve purchased. I don’t have much time to trade and this course suits me perfectly. I feel confident after a few trades that this course really improved my style. The content is A+, very easy to understand with great visuals!

Constanta G. – Analyst

This program works and I highly recommend it. It helped me take everything that I knew about trading and scale it. I was dependent on lagging indicators and signals, but this course opened my eyes.  Five star recommendation!

Florian R. – Consultant


Is This Course Suitable For Beginners Or Intermediate Traders?

This program is suitable for beginners, but also for intermediate traders who already have some knowledge/experience.

What Markets Is This Strategy Suitable For?

Any market: Forex, stocks, crypto, futures, commodities etc. The strategies are based on key levels trading, which can be applied on all financial markets.

What Is The Capital Required To Trade This Strategy?

The recommended minimum for swing trading on a daily time-frame is $5k. This is only a rough guideline.

How Actionable Is The Information Presented In This Course?

Very actionable. After finishing the program, you will have a practical, systematic and repetable trading approach.

What Trading Platform Is Needed To Trade This Strategy?

Any charting software can be used. We use TradingView and thus all charts presented in the program are displayed in this platform.

How Long Will I Have Access To This Course’s Content?

You get life-time access to The Secret Mindset Academy. On top of this, access to all ongoing, future updates to the course is included as well.

Can You Guarantee My Trading Results?

Your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment and follow-through. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a trading result or income increase, and you accept and understand that results differ by each individual. Please read carefully the disclaimer on our website:

Are There Refunds Available?

No. Due to the digital nature of all course materials, videos and assets,  The Secret Mindset LLC is not able to accept returns of any kind. Before making a purchase, please carefully read the product details to ensure compatibility.

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