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Precision Markets Trading 2023

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This Is The 2021 Version of This Course And NOT The 2023 Version!

In order to be a profitable and consistent trader within the forex market you need to find a trading strategy that works for you as an individual. All it takes is one successful trading system to change your life, and our team is here to help you build that system and find your edge.

Discover the RLS theory

Uncover the underlying principles of RLS theory to leverage its objectives for financial gain. Gain insights into the market dynamics, identifying which participants are being induced, manipulated, or utilized as a source of liquidity for genuine market movements.

Every session serves a specific purpose, and the algorithm is designed to accomplish its mission within defined timeframes. Once the objective is achieved, the algorithm will transition to the next task. See the algorithm from its intended perspective, acknowledging its true nature and purpose.

Course Curriculum

Part 1

Algo structure, Weekly cycle, Fractals, IWI’s on HTF.

Part 2

Liquidity, Inducement, Daily cycle, Imbalances, LIT OTZ HTF understanding.

Part 3

Manipulations, Traps Timings, Build ups, 90 min cycle.

Part 4

Entry types, LTF LIT-OTZ, IWI, Liquidity Wicks, Imbalances, Vector candies.

Part 5

Market objectives, Advanced algo concepts, putting it all together.

Part 6

Repetition of what you have learned with constant refinement & help improving your edge. Building a trade plan and working on your discipline and psychology.


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