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[Download] Bond Investment Using Futures Contracts

Bond investment using futures contracts

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn about bond investing.
  • You will learn about how to use futures contract to do bond investing.
  • You will learn about reading economic indicators and using these to form your investment strategies.
  • You will learn how to invest and trade like a professional trader.


  • Basic economics


You learned about bonds. But could you try to invest in bonds? If your job is related to bond investment, you probably did. But if your job is not a bond portfolio manager, perhaps, most of you could not even think about doing it. Why? Probably, it was because of capital requirement and access for over the counter product trading. We can solve these two restrictions very easily by using futures that require very little capital (for instance, you will need about 6-7% of actual capital for trading U.S. Treasury bond futures.) and are an exchange-traded product.

Futures are handy instruments for the savvy individual investors, but it is also a crucial instrument for professional fund managers to increase capital efficiency. When you always hear about how fund managers are not good enough, you might wonder about world top managers who deliver reliable performance over the decades. It comes from disciplined investment strategy management and the use of appropriate investment instruments, including derivatives. It also comes from the fact that derivatives require much smaller capital and know how to use it effectively. In this course, we will discuss the most used derivatives by institutional and individual investors, futures and investment strategies you can implement using futures.

This course is different from the financial economics courses you took from the university or other online sites. The course starts with the basics of the futures and bonds and leads to the example of commonly used bond trading strategies.

We make extraordinary efforts to produce high-quality lectures. Our lectures are all

· All lectures are made by top professionals with many years of experience and strong academic background

· All lectures are first scripted, just like making books. We care so much about precise and short language. So our short lecture covers a lot of content.

· Our lectures are all connected to real trading examples.

· We will support your study by answering questions. We are here for you!!!!

This course is designed for beginners to intermediate level students

· Who likes to have a future career in investment

· Who likes to expand their knowledge and experience to more comprehensive investment instruments and strategies

· Who wants to connect theories to real-life trading examples

· Who has a passion for finance and investment!

Who this course is for:

  • Individual investors who are interested in investing in futures market
  • Students who are interested in having a career in finance and investment
  • Finance professionals who like to expand their knowledge to futures
  • Investors who like to make a little savvier investment strategies

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