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[Download] Master your Index ETF investments in the stock market

Master your Index ETF investments in the stock market

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What you’ll learn

  • To select the best ETFs to invest
  • To generate passive income with complete automatisation


  • Basic understanding of the stock market


This Udemy course will help master your index ETF investments in the stock market for you to generate passive income by using a dollar-cost averaging approach.

Index ETFs are the best investment instruments to enjoy the market’s return without making an extra effort to conduct research or trying to time the stock market. Fund managers have heavily diversified ETF’s in sector stocks, commodities, bonds, and currencies. Nonetheless, the issue of having too many ETFs available makes challenging to select a proper one for the average investor.

That’s why this course is all about helping you pick the right ETFs that fit with your personality, risk level, age, and capital. For that I will;

  • Teach how to select the best ETF.
  • Explain which are the different types of ETFs and how fund managers run them.
  • Demonstrate how to conduct backtesting of previews ETF results.
  • Introduce ETFs that track the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Dax, and many more.
  • Illustrate the difference from investing with a dollar-cost averaging approach than with a lump sum amount.
  • Show how can you can automate all your investments with the Autoinvest feature of Trading 212.

At the end of the course, you will be able to master the necessary skills to select the best ETF investments and enjoy passive income from the stock market’s return.

Who this course is for:

  • Working Professionals that want to concentrate on their jobs but invest in the stock market
  • Entrepreneurs who want to concentrate on growing their business but at the same time obtain more sources of passive income.
  • Investors who want to maximize their returns with ETF strategies.

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