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[Download] Ken Calhoun – Day Trading: Winning Chart Patterns

Ken Calhoun - Day Trading Winning Chart Patterns

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In this carefully-explained step by step video, veteran trading pro Ken Calhoun reveals how to use ETF “early warning” indicators to find out whether or not specific stocks are ready for entries for bounce long plays. Using a realtime winning DRYS entry example, you’ll see how to combine the SPY/QQQ/SDS/QID/DXD charts to instantly confirm entries and exits. You’ll also see how to use time & sales with ETF charts to help identify potential pivot entries in oversold/overbought stocks. This advanced video is specifically for NASDAQ/NYSE stock day traders, and delivers a comprehensive “trading walkthrough” tutorial on how to use these critical ETF indicators like a professional trader does to confirm stock bounce long entries in oversold/down markets.

Pro Charts for Nasdaq Traders: Mastering the Microtrading Patterns
– What is Microtrading? Differences between Microtrades and Other Daytrades
– Recognizing High-Probability Trading Setups: What’s Likely, What’s Not?
– Timing your Trades: Managing Fast Entries & Exits Based on Time Cycles
– Micro-Trading Cup Patterns during the Open
Tips for Understanding the Big Picture: Sector, COMPQ & TRINQ Patterns
– Trading Wide Range vs. Narrow Range Days: 2-Day Chart Patterns
– Pro Index Chart Setups: Using TRINQ, COMPQ and Sector Charts Together
– Lead Tier Stocks and 2nd Tier Follow Stocks and Patterns

DTU Daytraders’ Power Chart Patterns Part I: Entering Chart Breakouts
– Early Morning Breakout Patterns & Trading them Consistently
– Cup Patterns, Intraday Highs, 2-Day Highs, and Consolidation Breakouts
– Trading the Breakouts from 10am til 11:30am
– Trade Management for Breakout Trading: Order Execution & Timing Tips

DTU Daytraders’ Power Chart Patterns Part II: 1/2-Day Intraday Charts
– Premarket Chart Cups, Trends, Triangles and Open Gap Patterns
– Bullish & Bearish Cup Patterns to Recognize
– Trading the Open: Chart Patterns to Know for the first 30 minutes
– Volume Reversal Patterns, Stochastics and Other Breakouts

Pract ical 1-Minute Candlestick Charts: Daytrading Candlestick Chart Patterns
– Patterns I: Morning Stars, Three Line Breaks, Engulfing Charts
– Patterns II: Using Dojis and Hammers to trade reversals and pivots
– Choosing the Best Data Interval: Using 1- 2- 3- and 5-minute candlesticks

Fibonacci Retracement Bounce Chart Patterns: Using Fibo Bounces
– Fibonacci Chart Patterns for Open Gap & Premarket Trades
– Fibonacci Chart Patterns for Trading the First 30 Minutes
– Fibonacci Charts on Post-10am Trades: Using Retracements on Bounces & Fades
– Chart Patterns for Buying Gaps Down, Shorting Gaps Up

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