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[Download] Jason Bond – How To Trade Like a Pro, Not a Hobby

Jason Bond - How To Trade Like a Pro, Not a Hobby

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In the first 3 months of 2016 Jason’s made 110% +$110,000 swing trading part time. That’s more money in 3 MONTHS than he made teaching in his first 3 YEARS. Let Jason show you how to get ahead in trading and in life.

Jason Bond Picks probably has more ways for you to trade and make money than any other Stock Picking Service that I have used.
There are real-time email and text message alerts of new trades or trades that are being closed out. Goal is 5-20% gains per trade.
There is a very active and helpful chat room with some great traders and moderators.
Day Trading Alerts all day through the chat room with Luke Murry and Bart Van.
A morning email with the days plan on what stocks are setting up for a trade, plus Jason’s outlook on the market.
A Daily Watch list so that you can keep track of all Jason’s open positions and what he is keeping an eye on for a possible trade.
The training available on his site is really second to none. I have never seen so much valuable information in one place, if you have the time and desire you can easily go it on your own if you want to.
There is an affiliate program so that if you want to tell your friends and make a few dollars as well.

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